Automatic all-in-one box making machine

Boxmat PRO is an advanced and universal machine revolutionizing the short run and serial production process of corrugated cardboard boxes.


  • Over 100 box styles
  • 1 minute set-up
  • Eco-drive servo motion
  • 10 sectional slotting knives
  • 4 cutting knives (max. 8) - 2 types
  • 4 scoring/creasing wheels (max. 8)
  • External control of dimensions
  • Secure VPN remote diagnostics
  • No need for special tooling or dies
Boxmat-PRO-Inteligo-screen Boxmat-PRO-standard-screen

All settings are entered directly from a touch screen panel with no manual tool adjustment. In less than 1 minute the machine can be reprogrammed for any of the 100 box styles. Slitting, scoring/creasing, gluing and printing is all done in one pass on one compact machine – without the need for additional equipment!

10 sectional slotting knives, 4 longitudinal cutting knives plus 4 scoring wheels are set automatically by the servo-drives to suit the size and thickness of the board. The cardboard is centrally positioned with auto-guides. Soft grip rollers and solid input/output shafts and double encoders provide precision board feed control and prevent skewing.

The innovative system of rotary knives installed in the rear cutting/scoring section allows for bi-directional board size adjustment without the need for precutting the blanks to the exact size on a separate machine.

The gluing section provides on-the-go single or double line cold glue application.

Sheets or Fanfold


With BOXMAT machines
you can use Coroplast
to make Corrugated
Plastic Boxes!

boxes background5

More features:

  • All settings for box production done from an intuitive touch screen panel
  • Slotting, bi-directional scoring/creasing, cutting, gluing and printing in ONE CYCLE
  • Automatic board feeder with soft grip rolls and optional receiving stacker
  • Create your own design of boxes with FreeStyle settings
  • Ability to modify standard FEFCO/RSC/OPF/FPF and other boxes
  • No need for extra tools or dies / all settings done with servo drives
  • Optional use of perforation knives and special shape scoring wheels
  • Modular built for cutting knives (circular or blade) and scoring/creasing wheels
  • Synchronized in-cycle glue application
  • Mini Print printing module
  • Synchronous work with Flexomat full-size flexographic printer

Box Samples

Check out
Boxmat PRO

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BOXMAT PRO - The Perfect Boxmaking Machine!

Technical Specification

Cardboard used:
single amd double wall (triple wall with limitations)
Types of boxes:
preinstalled 40 FEFCO styles + free style
Power supply:
3 x 380/415/480 V (USA: 3 x 480 V/20 A)
Maximum board size:
2400 mm (94”) width x unlimited length
Minimum board size:
200 mm (8”) width x 650mm (25”) length
Max./min. distance between slots:
70 mm (2¾”) / 2000mm (79”)
Slot width:
8 mm (5/16”)
Sectional slotting knives:
100 mm (4”) each
Standard slotting knives length:
500 mm (20”) each side
Min/max slotting knives length:
200 – 700 mm (8 – 27 1/2”)
Footprint (L x W x H):
3300 x 1600 x 1600 mm (130 x 63 x 63”)
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