Trouvez la machine parfaite qui répondra à vos besoins de production!

Built in double die cutting system:
210 x 130 mm (8.25 x 5.1”) each
No die cutting
No die cutting
Counter-scoring/creasing system (automatically set)
No counter-scoring/creasing system
No counter-scoring/creasing system
Counter-knife system (automatically set)
No counter-knife system
No counter-knife system
Automatic recognition of a set tool
(knife or scoring wheel)
Type of tool set from HMI
Tools installed permanently
Independent servo-drive for each tool nest
One gripper to set up all tools
One mechanism for setting all tools
Ability to set tools inline one after another.
Double creasing lines available
Not available
Not available
Detachable feeders (3 available):
– standard feeder
– vacuum feeder
– special fanfold feeder
Standard non-detachable feeder
Standard non-detachable feeder
Single/Double wall corrugated sheets or Fanfold/Z-fold (OPTION)
Corrugated sheets only
4 (max. 8) cutting knives or blank formatting and cutting off glue flaps
2 knives for cutting off glue flap, +1 knife for removing excess board
Circular transverse knife for board length (cross-cut) adjustment
Programmable movement of the transverse knife.
Ability to cut revision flaps
Revision flaps non available
4 scoring wheels (max. 8) for along creasing
2 scoring wheels for longitudinal scoring/creasing
Pressure for creasing/scoring wheels set from touch panel
Pressure for creasing/scoring wheels set with adjustment knob
Cardboard sheet positioned from the center of the machine
Cardboard sheet positioned to the left bumper
Working width: up to 2400 mm (94.5”)
Working width: up to 2500 mm (98.5”)
Knives and creasing wheels set automatically simultaneously
Knives and creasing wheels set automatically in series
Knife for removing excess set manually
Pads production available
Multiproduction: 2 or more from the length – standard
No multiproduction
Left/right blank sheet bumper set automatically
Right cardboard bumper set and locked manually
Interior LED lights
No interior LED lights
INTELIGO SYSTEM (only in Boxmat PROi):
– Large 19” touch screen HMI
– Expanded user friendly GUI
– Box Design WIZARD interface
– Job Queue System (JQS) production scheduling
– Cut/Score Allowances correction and editing
– Optional Integration with MRP/ERP manufacturing systems
– Optional 3D scanning
Standard 12” touch screen HMI
Optional miniFLEXO available
Optional miniFLEXO not available
Optional Gluing System available
Optional Gluing System not available
Automatic FEEDER integration available
Automatic FEEDER integration not available
Box Folding integration available
Box Folding integration not available
Footprint (L x W x H):
3600 x 1900 x 1750 mm
142 x 75 x 69”
Footprint (L x W x H):
3300 x 1600 x 600 mm
130 x 63 x 63”
Footprint (L x W x H):
3300 x 1400 x 1600 mm
130 x 55 x 63”

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