Optional vacuum table for Boxmat HD

Latest solution for customers who want to make their boxes even faster and more conveniently.

Table is available for Boxmat HD machines and expands the offer of already available upgrades, which includes miniFLEXO printing system or gluing system.

Well stored corrugated board should be flat without warping or bends, however warehoused corrugated quite often does not maintain these qualities. The problem is encountered much more often with large corrugated sheets which exceed the size of skids and palettes.

The corrugated sheets fed to the machine for the production of boxes should be as flat as possible for any machine to make make a best box. Standard gravitational feeders are not always able to handle the incoming sheets, especially if they are warped. So, when using a machine with a standard feeder the operator quite often must “help” the boards to go easier into the machine.

To meet the rising expectations of box manufacturers, we offer a solution that eliminates this problem. The vacuum table allows you to make boxes from a stack of sheets without any jamming. Strong vacuum suction compensates for any warping and bending of sheets just before entering the machine. As a result, a flat sheet is fed into the machine each time.

The operator has to control only the number of remaining sheets in a stack and adding them on. Continuous production means greater efficiency, thus the machine can only be managed by one operator with ease.

The corrugated stack can be up to 25 cm (10″) high, depending on the size, weight or density of the sheets.

The unit has casters for quick add-on installation. Once installed the Vacuum Feeder integrates with the Boxmat IT interface and is immediately ready for use. Operation from the touch panel HMI is simple and intuitive and allows to adjust the power and width range of the vacuum. As a result pressure is created only where it is currently needed – depending on the sheet size.

The left bumper is set automatically. The gap under the front bumper (for the thickness of one sheet) is set electrically from the HMI touch panel. It ensures high precision and continuous cycle especially when working with large sheets.


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