Automatic all-in-one cardboard box making machine

Boxmat PRO cardboard box making machine

The most versatile box making machines revolutionizing the short and medium runs serial production of corrugated cardboard boxes.


IN ONE MACHINE with all options installed!

Box Samples

All settings are entered directly from a touch screen panel with no manual tool adjustment. In less than 1 minute the machine can be reprogrammed for any of the 100 box styles. Slitting, scoring/creasing, gluing and printing is all done in one pass on one compact machine – without the need for additional equipment!

10 sectional slotting knives, 4 longitudinal cutting knives plus 4 scoring wheels are set automatically by the servo-drives to suit the size and thickness of the board. The cardboard is centrally positioned with auto-guides. Soft grip rollers and solid input/output shafts and double encoders provide precision board feed control and prevent skewing.

The innovative system of rotary knives installed in the rear cutting/scoring section allows for bi-directional board size adjustment without the need for precutting the blanks to the exact size on a separate machine.

The optional gluing section provides on-the-go single or double line cold glue application.

No LONG TERM corrugated board contracts!

With Boxmat machines, you have a freedom to choose your own corrugated supplier and make your own BOXES ON DEMAND

Sheets or Fanfold

The Boxmat series machines are truly universal systems which allow the use of single and double wall corrugated sheets as well as various widths of FANFOLD (Z-Fold) corrugated board.
Boxmat PRO Features
box makers
Adjustable double creasing rolls
Circular or blade knives
Slotting knives
BOXMAT machines can use Coroplast to make Corrugated Plastic Boxes
Standard stacker
Cardboard feeder
Optional output table:
- Detachable ready made box receiving table
- Locking casters
- Expandable length
- Foldable for easy storage
Optional Features

Gluing System

Innovative cold gluing system for boxmakers gives a fresh and exceptional approach to the corrugated cardboard gluing cycle!

miniFLEXO System

Additional printing system for Boxmat machines. One color mini-flexo technology printing.

Automatic Stacker

Automatic stacking of corrugated cardboard boxes made with Boxmat Boxmakers. Up to 2400 mm width of receiving boards.

BOXMAT PRO - The Perfect Cardboard Box Making Machine!

Technical Specification

Cardboard used:
Single and double wall (triple wall with limitations)
Types of boxes:
Preinstalled 50 FEFCO styles + free style
Power supply:
3 x 380/415/480 V (USA: 3 x 480 V / 20 A)
Maximum board size:
2400 mm (94”) width x 10000 mm (394″)
Minimum board size:
250 mm (10”) width x 650 mm (25”) length
Distance between slotting knives:
70 – 2000 mm (2¾ – 79”)
Slot width:
8 mm (5/16”)
Sectional slotting knives:
100 mm (4”) each
Standard slotting knives length:
500 mm (20”) each side
Min./max. slotting knives length:
200 – 700 mm (8 – 27 1/2”)
Footprint (L x W x H):
3300 x 1600 x 1600 mm (130 x 63 x 63”)

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